I present to you FireDeploy : A Firebase Deployment CLI Alternative

FireDeploy is a CLI tool which can also be used as a dependency module to deploy single page applications to Firebase from serverless environments. It is a lightweight alternative to the firebase `firebase-tools` cli. It does not rely on heavy dependencies such as firebase, firebase-tools(190M), firebase-admin and weighs < 10mb.

  • Does not use Firebase modules
  • Size < 10mb
  • Only has 7 dependencies
  • Can be used as a CLI or module dependency

Firebase deployment CLI firebase-tools is loaded with functionality and that is why its a sizable package. The size of the package makes it not ideal for serverless environments. FireDeploy is a stripped down version of firebase-tools . It only has the functionality to deploy your single page application to the hosting environment.


npm install -g firedeploy
$ firedeploy hosting -m "Message" -c "/fireDeploy/spec/test" -p "project name" -t "CI Token"

You can view it here!


AWS Devops Guy (mbejda.com)

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