Ah — Reading this publication reminded me of a movie I saw many years ago called Elysium. Elysium takes place far in the future. Some super cool programmer had created a machine that can fix up a human in just a few minutes. The machine can heal bones, cure any ailment, basically restore a human to their proper condition.

The catch ? Well…. the machine was to cool to for the general public .

To have access to this machine you need to be in the top 1%. The top 1% have created a gigantic space station and left earth to live on that space station with that machine. Basically, they took the machine and left Earth. The 99% ers on Earth were left with universal access to human driven healthcare : hospitals, doctors, physicians .

How does this relate to the publication….

The idea of being able to download IQ into your brain is wonderful if it were to be applied universally (maybe the federal government can mandate this) so there would be a balance and we would achieve that conscious singularity, however, since technology trickles down to consumers, access to such technology would be framed at first. It would first be available to people that want to concrete their position in society, people that control our economical resources and frame our legislative structure : bourgeoisies, aristocrats…..etc

Unfortunately, this would make them and possibly other powerful figures… basically… the most powerful humans in the world to which no other human can ever rival with.

Self preservation theory says — It would not make sense for them to create competition for themselves and allow the general consumer have access to this technology.

Such technology would be considered the golden duck for power hungry humans. Super cool concept…but … well … to simply put, the boundaries in our class system will be more obvious.

AWS Devops Guy (mbejda.com)

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